A Child’s Birth


All the pain

and grueling struggle,

to bring you here

was worth the trouble.


When your head appeared,

we were both intrigued,

and as you slipped forth

I’ve never felt so relieved!


We counted your fingers,

and tugged at your toes,

we felt your smooth skin,

then we touched your pink nose!


I wanted to cry

but my throat felt so tight,

I had longed for the day

we could kiss you good-night!


Happy Birthday Sarah Anne


I Bleed Too

Your words,

cutting through my soul

making my spirit bleed

tears waiting to fall.

You have

no idea of my pain,

as my chest heaves heavy,

my mind cluttered.

Did I?

Did I bring on this hate?

Without ever knowing  your past

your pain?

Never would I

no reason no personal gain,

or agenda do I have,

only the pain

of your words.


Thank you God

as the end of 2016 nears I feel I need to say something positive as we go forward to 2017…

Thank you God

for all that’s right,

the flowing waves

the shining light

the wooded forest,

and sky so bright

the sound of birds

so sweet in flight

Thank you God

for all that’s right.



Who Am I?

There were so many times

I wish I’d made a different decision,

I wish I had been

able to communicate better…


I really tried to act

like I knew everything..

I know now that I didn’t –

I told lies,

I stole money,

and clothes,


the car…

I snuck out the

window at night,

to meet my best friend



I drank,

I smoked,

I cheated

on boyfriends…


I try to listen,

to observe people,


maybe make a difference

to someone

who is like




This is not the way

this road is not secure

and I feel

I need to let you know

this road is not the


Our path is chosen

for us

we must believe

that’s true,

for all the struggles

we have


the path still leads