The March

It was a day

unlike any other,

I marched for myself

I marched for my brother.


I felt so determined

to walk with love and belief

and to march with so many

was such a relief.


But, to go it alone,

with my head held high

to march toward a future

Is something I’ll try.


Kelley E. Howe Nolan


I Bleed Too

Your words,

cutting through my soul

making my spirit bleed

tears waiting to fall.

You have

no idea of my pain,

as my chest heaves heavy,

my mind cluttered.

Did I?

Did I bring on this hate?

Without ever knowing  your past

your pain?

Never would I

no reason no personal gain,

or agenda do I have,

only the pain

of your words.


Note to mom

So much has changed

since you’ve passed,

the world’s a mess

that cannot last –


you’d never think

we’ve digressed this way,

where “equality and justice’

is something to say,

to remind each other

that it should apply to all,

for if it doesn’t,

we all take the fall.


Who Am I?

There were so many times

I wish I’d made a different decision,

I wish I had been

able to communicate better…


I really tried to act

like I knew everything..

I know now that I didn’t –

I told lies,

I stole money,

and clothes,


the car…

I snuck out the

window at night,

to meet my best friend



I drank,

I smoked,

I cheated

on boyfriends…


I try to listen,

to observe people,


maybe make a difference

to someone

who is like