No Answers

I don’t have answers

as I watch the waves

rolling towards me

reassuring me…

I don’t need answers

jagged rocks

reminding me

that my thoughts

will always be fractured,

calming the questions

like the seagull

gliding so effortlessly

before me.




The March

It was a day

unlike any other,

I marched for myself

I marched for my brother.


I felt so determined

to walk with love and belief

and to march with so many

was such a relief.


But, to go it alone,

with my head held high

to march toward a future

Is something I’ll try.


Kelley E. Howe Nolan

Thank you God

as the end of 2016 nears I feel I need to say something positive as we go forward to 2017…

Thank you God

for all that’s right,

the flowing waves

the shining light

the wooded forest,

and sky so bright

the sound of birds

so sweet in flight

Thank you God

for all that’s right.



The Path to Paradise

The path to paradise

is lined with leaves

dried by the warmth

of life.

The path to paradise

is filled with rocks

fallen from mountains

placed randomly.

The path to paradise

is filled with puddles

small pools, running streams

runoffs settled.

The path to paradise

is filled with wonder

the beauty of God’s handiwork,

tread, travel passionately


walk with awe.