When the Tide is Out

may 10th

The waves are out

the birds tip toeing

in between the cracks

of the uncovered shoreline,

searching for treats

to fill their mouths,

to share later

with their offspring,

teaching us

that life is about

sharing and being


sometimes in spite

of what we need


when the tide








I really tried to fit in,

but the groups are tightly knit

it really doesn’t matter

I just don’t really fit.


The mornings go so quickly

my job is almost done,

and talking with the others

is not my kind of fun.


I wish that I had been here

at the beginning of the year

but school is almost over

no time to shed a tear.



Mother’s Day With Mom

I really can’t remember

for it’s been so many years,

just how we spent your Mother’s Day

and I don’t remember tears.


I think of mashed potatoes,

and setting the table for eight,

and giving cards to you Mom,

that were made with finger-paint!


This year when I think of you, Mom,

I sort of miss the past,

I really wish those Mother’s Days

had made memories that last.





Dreams of You

I saw you driving

down the long dusty road,

and I wondered about you

knowing you’ll never know.


I’ve never met you

but I’ve seen you a lot,

caught the tone of your voice,

but then, maybe not.


Where are you now?

What kind of life do you lead?

Who are you really?

Are you someone I need?