Best of Everything

You’re everything I’ve wanted

you’re the best of all the best,

and I couldn’t love you any more,


never any less.


We’ve really grown together

these years just seem to fly,

and I can’t wait to let you know,

you’re still

my favorite guy!





The silence

is so

loud –




so still


a dedicated

and curious

thought –

how can silence

be so loud?



Haas – Haws

He’s looking for her

watching the door

sitting at the window

looking out upon the front yard


“Where is she”

his soft brown eyes

stare into mine,

“where is she”


He walks around

pacing the cement

finally settles down

looking over his shoulder

his body expresses his

sadness, worry, wonder?


Where is she?



Christmas Birthday versus Leap Year Birthday

So today is February 29th and it’s a birthday for some folks. Now looking back growing up I used to think that having a birthday anytime around Christmas was bad. If it was too close to the 25th chances were you’d get lots of presents, but very few on Christmas. If it was between Christmas and New Years, well you just never knew. Either everyone was broke from spending so much at Christmas and you didn’t really get anything or for goodness sake, you got more than enough because you didn’t get much at Christmas because your birthday was coming! Well, after chatting with folks today I’ve decided that having a birthday once every fours years was or is, unique at best. Here’s the way it plays out: you can celebrate the day before or the day after, you can celebrate both days, or you can wait for the actual date, once every four years and really do something different to celebrate. I personally wouldn’t know which choice to make and I usually try to stretch it out the entire month of my birthday (September).

Today I was reminded by a friend that when you have a leap year birthday it doesn’t show up on the calendar  but once every four years. In my planner for work I’ve noticed February 29th shows up on my March calendar – how weird is that? Anyway, back to not showing on a calendar. When you’re a child going to school everyone gets to celebrate their birthday. Some kids get to split the year in half because their birthday is in the summer and with school out of session how fair would that be not to get to celebrate with classmates? Well how about not having your birthday on the calendar at all? Well that must seem weird to a kid in school?. How does it get explained by the teacher to the kids in the class? Think about being a child under the age of five or six. Try explaining this once, twice, three times.

So, Christmas birthday versus Leap Year birthday? I’m thinking it must be worse to have a birthday on February 29th than December 25th, at least you’re on the calendar.