Terms – so as I’m starting this new adventure one thing that I’ve discovered that seems to happen a lot is the “terms” as in conditions that you agree to before you click on the acceptance button. This applies to just about everything that might make your life easier, such as online banking or the warranty on your new coffeemaker. What about the updates on your phone? I’m a little disappointed that I need to read endless paragraphs with words that make my head ache, which leads me to be discouraged and decide either to click without really, really understanding what it states – but of course I do promise to follow the rules. (those that know me know I’m not really good with structure/rules – I do try) So, by not clicking my agreement am I missing out on some amazing information or opportunity? I’m not sure but will continue to go forward with this idea that when I find something that I can agree with I will click “agreed”.


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