I turn to you

in the middle

of the night

the warmth of

your skin

next to mine

your soft,

gentle breathing

reminding me

I am safe

safe in your




my mind.




Early Morning Silence

In the early morning silence

the chirping of the birds

the ticking of the clock

is my time for writing words.

For the sun is out there somewhere

its light is slowly showing

the flowers and the ducks

with their inner clocks are knowing

that a new day is beginning

there’s no doubt it’s just begun

and I am fortunate to be here

to see another one.

Kelley E H Nolan

Go Forward

Think forward to the future,

the days and weeks ahead –

the opportunities abundant,

for the past is really dead.


Let the clouds and sky surround you,

let the sun shine in your smile –

the future is upon us –

it’s been here all the while!




With My DAD

As a child

and with my dad

I learned to fish

still makes me glad

to think about

that long,

stinky pier

we walked with care

our tackle near

and listened to cheers

as people reeled up

their mystery catch

with excited smiles

and hopeful eyes!

I couldn’t wait

to drop our lines

to feel the bite

the best surprise!



Note to mom

A year later and this poem still rings true for me and my view of today.

chatter from the pool cabin

So much has changed

since you’ve passed,

the world’s a mess

that cannot last –


you’d never think

we’ve digressed this way,

where “equality and justice’

is something to say,

to remind each other

that it should apply to all,

for if it doesn’t,

we all take the fall.


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